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Jess Teves is an executive-level operations and brand strategist with 10+ years experience in the digital space. She has run COOLS, Refinery29, STYLECASTER, SheKnows, and, among others, garnering four Webby nominations for Best Fashion + Beauty Site, and is also the founder of Teves Content Atelier.

A digital authority dedicated to creating thoughtful and engaging storytelling for brands, Jess is also highly skilled in the development of e-commerce, branded content, video, product and technology solutions, and social influence. Alongside this, she is an expert in scaling traffic, building infrastructure and teams, and ensuring ROI on every last aspect of operations. 

In 2016, she was named one of Folio’s Top Women in Media for her role as a Visionary. In addition to her editorial and new media work, she is a frequent industry speaker and has provided consulting for a mix of lifestyle and fashion clients. Her passion is creating smart, sophisticated, and impactful content that helps people live a more beautiful life—as well as running efficient businesses that deeply impact society.

Jess is a native of Florida, where she was previously the number one state-ranked player, and played NCAA tennis for Rollins College.